LEGO Dragons Krokmou Toothless LEGO Dragons Krokmou Toothless

Dragons (How to train your dragon) – Krokmou (Toothless) | par Jayfa

Due to popular demand, you can now buy instructions for my LEGO Toothless model for $15 (AUD)

You will recieve: Digital copies (pdf) of both the full set of instructions as well as a full parts list containing bricklink ID for individual pieces. I will also include an .xml file that you can upload to bricklink for instant access to the full part list

If you are interested in purchasing, send an email to

Dragons – Krokmou (Toothless)
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28 septembre 2021 17 h 54 min

ece qu’il est a vendre

23 février 2022 8 h 56 min

Moe d’emploi ?